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   Amir Hossein Ghaderi

  Postdoc Fellow at Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) Program, York University, Toronto, Canada




Educational History:

      Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience, 2017.

 University of Tabriz, Iran.

Masters of Science in Physics (Condensed Matter), 2010.

Zanjan University, Zanjan, Iran.

Bachelor of Science in Physics (Solid State), 2007.

Zanjan University, Zanjan, Iran.

Thesis and Seminars:

1-A.H Ghaderi, Brain activty during subjective time dilation and compression., Phd. thesis, 2017.

2-A.H. Ghaderi,Neural Networks with regular graphs. , M.Sc. thesis, 2010.

3-A.H. Ghaderi, Fractal world (The research in fractal geometry and Weierstrass functions) M.Sc Seminar, December 2008.

4-A.H. Ghaderi, analyze in solar data of SOHO. B.Sc. Thesis, 2007.

Research interests:

Subjective time perception, Neural Networks, Complex systems, Chaotic systems, EEG processing




 1- Translate of Modern Quantum Mechanics (English to Persian), Sakurai, Jun John, Kelk e Zarin & Dashti, Tehran, Iran, (2011) ISBN: 978-600-5516-77-7 (2011).  

2- Translate of Classical Electrodynamics (English to Persian), Jackson, David, Behavaran & Dashti, Tehran, Iran, (In Press)


Journal papers (ISI, PubMed and Scopus)


1- A. H. Ghaderi (Corresponding Author), M. Nemati Andevari, P. F. Sowman. Evidence for a resting state network abnormality in adults who stutter. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, (2018). doi: 10.3389/fnint.2018.00016

2- A. H. Ghaderi (Corresponding Author), S. Moradkhani, A. Haghighatfard, F.  Akrami.  Time estimation and beta segregation: An EEG study and graph theoretical approach. PloS ONE, 13(4): e0195380.

3- A. H. Ghaderi (Corresponding Author), M. A. Nazari, H. Shahrokhi, A. H. Darooneh. Functional brain segregation differences between ADHD presentations: An investigation using EEG and graph theory. Basic and Clinical Neuroscience. Vol. 8, No. 4, 2017.

4- A. Haghighatfard, S. Andalib, M. Amini, S. Sadeghi, A. H. Ghaderi, S. Moradkhani, J. Rostampour, et al., Gene expression study of mitochondrial complex I in schizophrenia and paranoid personality disorder. The world journal of biological psychiatry, Vol. 18, No. 2, 1-14 (2017) .

5- F. Ghaderi, A. H. Ghaderi (Corresponding author), N. Ghaderi, B. Najafi. Prediction of the Thermal Conductivity of Refrigerants by Computational Methods and Artificial Neural Network.  Frontiers in Chemistry, vol.5, 99. doi: 10.3389/fchem.2017.00099.

6- Z. Khayer, L. Ngaosuvan, S. Sikström, A. H. Ghaderi. Transcranial direct current stimulation based on quantitative electroencephalogram combining positive psychotherapy for major depression. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, vol. Preprint, No. Preprint, 1-15, 2017.

7- N. Basiri, Z. Khayyer, H. Hadianfard, A. H. Ghaderi. Comparison of the Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Neurofeedback: Reducing Insomnia Symptoms. Global Journal of Health Science, Vol. 9, No. 7, 35-46 (2017).

8- F. Ghaderi, A. H. Ghaderi (Corresponding Author), B Najafi, N. Ghaderi. Viscosity prediction by computational method and artificial neural network approach: The case of six refrigerants, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Vol. 81, 67–78 (2013).

9- A. H. Ghaderi, A. H. Darooneh. Artificial neural network with regular graph for maximum air temperature forecasting: the effect of decrease in nodes degree on learning, International Journal of Modern Physics C, Vol. 23, No. 2, 1-10 (2012).

10- A. H. Ghaderi, M. A. Nazari, A. H. Darooneh, B. Barani, A. Haghighatfard. Functional brain segregation changes during demanding mathematical task. (Submitted, under review).


Journal papers (Other)


1- A. H. Ghaderi (Corresponding Author), B. Barani, H. Jalalkamali. Embedding Dimension as Input Dimension of Artificial Neural Network: A Study on Stock Prices Time Series. International Journal of Modern Physics and Applications, Vol. 1, No. 3, 64-72 (2015). (Google Scholar)

2- A. H. Ghaderi. Brain activity and special relativity: estimation and a novel hypothesis to explain time perception. American Journal of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Vol. 1, No. 2, 66-74 (2015). (Google Scholar)

3- A. H. Ghaderi (Corresponding Author), M. A. Nazari, H. Shahrokhi, A.Shafiei. Coherence abnormality of Temporal and Frontal areas in children with ADHD-combined type. Applied Psychological Research Quarterly. Vol. 6, No. 4,1-14 (2016). (In Persian)


Conference papers


1- A. H. Ghaderi, B. Barani, S. Haghparasti, H. Shiravi, F. Akrami. Functional deficit of EEG brain network in adult who stutter. Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2017 Annual Meeting, March. 25-28, 2017, San Francisco, USA

2- R. Khanbabaie, M. Nemati, A. Asgharnia, M. Asadifar, A. H. Ghaderi, M. Nazari. Functional Network Differences between the ADHD and Normal Groups, 36th göttingen neurobiology conference, March 22–25, 2017, Göttingen, Germany

3- A. H. Ghaderi, M. A. Nazari, W. H. Meck. Interval timing in adult stutters: Role of beta connectivity in default mode-related functional segregation. Society for Neuroscience 2016 Annual Meeting, Nov. 2016, San Diego, USA

4- A. H. Ghaderi, M. Baharizadeh, B. Barani. Reduction of QEEG abnormality related to Parkinson’s disease using transcranial direct current stimulation: a single case study. 4nd Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC 2015), December 2015, Tehran, Iran (oral presentation).

5- A. H. Ghaderi, M. A. Nazari, H. Shahrokhi. Brain connectivity changes in subtypes of ADHD disorder. 3­nd Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC 2014), October 2014, Tehran, Iran (oral presentation).

6- M. A. Nazari, A. H. Ghaderi. Time distortions in oddball tasks: the effect of novelty on time perception. 3­nd Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC 2014), October 2014, Tehran, Iran.

7- H. Mirhoseini, A. H. Ghaderi, Restraining drug resistance Seizure attacks after transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS): A case report study. 3­nd Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC 2014), October 2014, Tehran, Iran (oral presentation).

8- A. H. Ghaderi, A. Jahan, M. A. Nazari. The Efficiency of Auditory Training in Generate of Mismatch Negativity Component; a single case study. 2­nd Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC 2013), December 2013, Tehran, Iran (oral presentation).

9- H. Jalalkamali, A.H. Ghaderi, M. Bayrami. An improvement to the harmony search algorithm inspired by the genetic algorithm. 2­nd Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC 2013), December 2013, Tehran, Iran.

10- A. Jahan, A. H. Ghaderi, H. Jalalkamali, M. Bayrami. Stock market forecasting by chaos theory and artificial neural network. 2­nd Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (BCNC 2013), December 2013, Tehran, Iran.

11- N. Ghaderi, A. H. Ghaderi, Face detection based on skin mask, number of holes and SVM, IET International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering (ICISCE 2012), December 7-9, 2012,pp 1-5, Shenzhen, China.

12- A. H. Ghaderi, A.H. Darooneh, Artificial neural network with regular graph for mean air temperature prediction, 4th Regional Conference on Climate Changes, December 21-23, 2010, Tehran, Iran.  

13- A. H. Ghaderi, A.H. Darooneh, Regular Graph for Artificial neural network, 16th Annual IASBS Meeting on Condensed Matter Physics, May 27-28, 2010, pp 244-248, Zanjan, Iran.


Invited Speaker:

  • Application of Graph Theory in Functional Brain Mapping. 6th Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Conference, Tehran, Iran, 2017
  • Neurobiology of Interval Timing. 6th Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Conference, Tehran, Iran, 2017
  • Brain Entropy and Time Perception, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University. 2015. (a presentation and discussion with Prof. Warren Meck)



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